City and Nature - Research project

City and Nature is an ongoing research project exploring green space ecology, a place where town planning, heritage and personal aesthetic, mixes with mainteneance regimes and sense of well-being. In 2017, cross cultural exchange at Youkobo Art Space, Tokyo shared in the discussion of local/global green space issues.

"Regular garden visits and conversations around the value of green space form an integral part of my practice methodology. I’ve had insightful conversations with residents of several communities. Their broad range of thoughts on the value of plants in everyday life is a growing and important archive for me. I’m interested in the diversity of responses - I can reference and reflect on these when physically exploring environments on foot and when working in the studio. On many occasions I’ve been surprised and delighted by the intimate sharing of personal stories that have come from asking fairly simple questions."

Image: Murata-san in the Youkobo Art Space garden, Tokyo, 2017.