Group Exhibition - PIVOT

Pivot at Onespace Gallery, Brisbane

14 June – 27 July 2019

Pivot is a group exhibition that seeks to highlight the connection between artists’ 2D wall works and their forays into artist books. This exhibition comprises artists whose practice is mostly ‘wall-based’, but who frequently shift their platform from 2D works to something more personal and experimental in the form of an artist book. Wall works often engage the viewer for the courtesy 15-30 second ‘museum glance’, but artist books compel an audience or viewer to pay greater attention. They seduce the hands of the viewer into action – by their scale, texture, devices, and sheer manageability as objects. A simple glance foregoes the opportunity to converse with the ideas within.

Works will be exhibited as ‘duets’, a wall-based work accompanied by an artist book that is situated beneath. This format aims to explore the artist’s ‘hinge’, the conceptual intent or narrative purpose which shifts the work from a wall work unencumbered public encounter, to a more intimate insight into the artist’s practice of related books. I'm delighted to be showing in Pivot alongside a stellar line-up of Queensland artists.

Image: 'Choose your Forest' 2009-19, Nicola Moss. Photo: Funky Munky.
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