Group Exhibition - Renewal 2020

I'm delighted to be showing new work in the group exhibition Renewal at Arthouse Gallery Sydney. Artworks can be viewed at Arthouse Gallery online, in the exhibition catalogue, and with the newly launched 'Art To You' service. Thanks to the Arthouse team for their work in presenting this exhibition.

"In Safe/Contained I situated a group of potted plants indoors, and in some ways, in the finished work, I realised they were looking out at the broader landscape. The word 'contained' came from bushfire warnings and updates, and perhaps there is a question of Are they safe? They are looking at another form of themselves in a way.

The feeling of witnessing ties back to the idea of Renewal; reflecting on the strong sense of community we had after the January bushfires. There was amazing support, and donations and giving and caring. It felt like we were all in it together, and that was an amazing response." 

Image: Safe/Contained, 2020, Nicola Moss. Paper, synthetic polymer and assorted media on linen, framed 143 x 183cm. Photo: Carl Warner.