Group Exhibition - Coming Home 2021

I'm delighted to be showing new work in the group exhibition Coming Home at Arthouse Gallery Sydney. Artworks can be viewed at Arthouse Gallery online, in the exhibition catalogue and a walk through video of the exhibition. Thanks to the Arthouse team for their work in presenting this exhibition.

'They give me quiet dialogue II' - Wandering through the greenspace of Sydney’s Botanic Gardens is a sensory feast. On small trails amongst the plants, I felt a sense of exchanged energy, shared with the community of plants and many visitors before me.

Image: Exhibition view, They give me quiet dialogue II, 2021, Nicola Moss. Acrylic paint and paper on linen, 4 panels, framed 125 x 372cm. Photo courtesy of Arthouse Gallery.

Artwork (right) by Emma Walker, ceramics by Amelia Lynch.