Plant-Life Exhibition Essay


An exhibition by Nicola Moss

Redland Art Gallery, Cleveland

18 July – 15 August 2010

Excerpt from Exhibition Essay by Alison Kubler, June 2010:

"Moss’ artistic practice is the impetus for her

environmental work with local community land care

and creek monitoring groups – Redlands Bushcare

Birders, Redlands Bushcare Seed Collection, Redlands

Bushcare Creek Crew – which in turn feeds back into

her art making, taking as its subject matter the rich

wilderness of the region. Plant – Life brings together

Moss’ observations of the uniquely diverse Redlands’

habitats she has come to know intimately through her

work as an environmental volunteer and bird watcher,

although her paintings and paper stencils are anything

but dry, straight botanical studies. They meld her interest

in plant and animal species with more profound issues to

do with sustainability and ecological fragility, and larger

philosophical issues about the nature of existence. She is

perhaps exemplary of the exhortation to think globally

and act locally, in this case in the Redlands."

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